Like a returning drone from a flight over Chernobyl, “Hollywood film maker” Jason Goodman is at it again.  This time Jason Goodman is claiming that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation may be behind a sophisticated so-called “hunting humans” game of “death pool betting“.  This bizarre theory seems to postulate that the world’s financial elite are engaged in placing bets on anticipated death counts of “planned” mass causality events.

Jason Goodman and his side-kick, Cambridge educated “forensic economist” David Charles Hawkins (South Surrey, White Rock, British Columbia), have expressed their shock at the purchase of stock in a United Kingdom prison management company known as SERCO Group, PLC.


Above:  David Charles Hawkins (South Surrey, British Columbia) and Jason Goodman (defendant in two federal lawsuits)

Mounting evidence ties Bill Gates and his foundation to sinister plans that go back decades. Has a viral pandemic plan been in development since the 1970s?


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Both Jason Goodman and side-kick David Chales Hawkins postulate that the purchase price of $6.6 million for SERCO GROUP shares may be “encoded messaging” based on stenography (video time-mark 15:18).  “The encoding of messages in plain site,” states Goodman to Hawkins.  “It is definitely something that social engineers like to do,” he continues.




Above:  Jason Goodman displays an alleged “coded message” at time-mark 15:30

Many Internet observers remain bewildered at the reliance on the “social engineering coded messages” by Jason Goodman.  Goodman illustrates his point “social engineering encoded message” in the video content.

The infamous coffee cup seems to relate back to the two (2) federal defamation, libel and slander lawsuits that have named Goodman as a defendant (see below).  The coffee cup displays Manual Chavez, III, Carson City, Nevada and Robert David Steele, Oakton, Virginia.

jason-goodman-slander-libel - Copy

sdny-jason-goodman-slander-lawsuit--4466Above:  Alleged coded message.  Excerpt from a slander, defamation and libel lawsuit against Jason Goodman

Steele v. Goodman, Civil Action No. 3:17cv601 (E.D. Va. July 25, 2019)

Sweigert v. Goodman, Civil Action No. 2:18-1633-RMG (D.S.C. Sep. 17, 2018)


Steele v. Goodman


Steele v. Goodman (1)


Sweigert v. Goodman (1)




Above:  Jason Goodman alleging that he may have been a target of a bombing attempt possibly related to encoded messages.

Above:  Jason Goodman publishes a “WARNING” about the CrowdSource “investigation” on June 11, 2017 — three days before the Port of Charleston “dirty bomb hoax” (South Carolina).






SDNY Jason Goodman Amended Complaint (A.C.) takes aim at David Charles Hawkins and ABEL DANGER


SDNY Federal Trade Commission (FTC) complaint against Jason Goodman and David Charles Hawkins co-founder of ABEL DANGER for Court gag order




To be continued…



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