“Conspiracy theorist” Jason Goodman defends his videotaping of an Alice in Wonderland statue with Charles Ortel while bomb threats were simultaneously made against it — according to eerie New York Post article





In a bizarre turn of events, “Hollywood film maker” Jason Goodman insinuates he could be a so-called patsy of a New York Post attempt to link him with a plot to blow up the Alice in Wonderland statue in Central Park.


Above: The Alice in Wonderland statue in Central Park, New York


Above:  New York Post article


A mad-as-a-hatter Manhattan man was arrested for threatening to blow up Central Park’s Alice in Wonderland statue with a pipe bomb, according to cops and sources.

Would-be bomber Kevin Fallon, 30, went down the rabbit hole April 9, when he allegedly sent a text to friends and family announcing his intention to blow up the 1959 bronze statue depicting the Lewis Carroll tale’s famously fraught tea party, court documents show.

Both the NYPD Emergency Services Unit and the Bomb Squad were called in and found that the bombs weren’t functional, sources said.

Later that day, Fallon was tracked to a hotel in the Theater District, where he was taken into custody by the New York/New Jersey Regional Fugitive Task Force, sources said.


Above:  Jason Goodman side-kick Charles Ortel, spotted near the so-called “bomb plot target”.

Eerily, it appears Goodman and Ortel visited the landmark when simultaneous “bomb threats” were made to the exact same statue (at almost the same moment apparently).


Above:  Jason Goodman looking at Charles Ortel



Apparently wasting no time to inject himself into the New York Post “bomb threat” story, Jason Goodman released the below video a day after the New York Post article.





It seems that Jason Goodman is somehow linking other bombing hoaxing with the Alice in Wonderland “bomb plot” with the hash tag #FakeBombPlot




Above:  Jason Goodman insinuates that he may have been the target of a so-called “bomb plot”.  In the video he insinuates that a social media group (believed to be DEFANGO, aka Manuel Chavez, III, Carson City, Nevada) may have planned such a threat.


I’ve posted this video to let everyone know that although the explosion this morning was very close to my home and Crowdsource the Truth headquarters, I was not injured. Thanks to those who have inquired. Linked to ISIS, this seems to have been a scare tactic by an impotent terrorist, similar in scope to explosions that took place on 23rd Street in Chelsea (also very near my home) just over one year ago. Fortunately no serious injuries have been reported.

The attacks are focused not only on the privately owned corporation under which I create the video and social media content for Crowdsource the Truth.

The latest efforts of this nefarious group have graduated to a level that demands action. Their malicious attacks have gone too far. Their deception must be exposed. They must face justice for their acts.

Those interested in learning how the misguided, malignant personnel are carrying out their nefarious plans and help put an end to their wrongdoing may do so at a new YouTube channel “Exposing the Chavez Hoax” with content coming soon, link below: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE7t…


False dirty bomb threat at the Port of Charleston SC (3)

Above:  George Webb, co-defendant Trish “the dish” Negron and Jason Goodman





Above:  Jason Goodman issues a “warning of caution” to his followers to protect his “beloved friend” George Webb (Sweigert), Cobb Island, Maryland.



To be continued….

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