In an unsurpising move, “Hollywood film maker” Jason Goddman has called the Governor of New York State (NYS) a “social engineer”.  Goodman has apparently likened the depauture of the USNS COMFORT hospital ship as a potential “social engineering” scheme, perhaps created by Governor Andrew Cuomo (NYS).


Above” “Social engineer” (Governor) Andrew Coumo



Above:  “Social engineer” (Governor) Andrew Coumo with the USNS COMFORT


  • The Navy hospital ship USNS Comfort was sent to New York City at the end of March to aid the city’s overwhelmed hospitals during the coronavirus outbreak.
  • Three weeks later, it had just treated 179 patients, and New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said the city didn’t need it.
  • President Donald Trump — who personally dispatched the ship to New York City — will soon be returning the ship to its home port in Virginia for another mission.
  • The ship made headlines during its short mission in New York, with multiple crew members getting sick, and outrage over the initial decision not to accept coronavirus patients.





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Above:  Jason Goodman (l) conducts podcast with “Dr.” Jerome Corsi (r), an alleged Congressional witness who lied to Congress (see Roger Stone case)

Time-mark 08:39:  GOODMAN, “we have a number of social engineers including the governor of the state I am presently in…”

Time-mark 09:11:  GOODMAN, “they just announced yesterday that the naval ship USNS COMFORT will be leaving New York after servicing less than 180 patients …  so in my view this is one of the most incompetent naval missions in recent memory..”


In a mutual admiration society tone, “Dr.” Jermoe Corsi congradulated Jason Goodman for exposing the fact that the USNS COMFORT was not “crowded with patients”.  “It was your video”, Corsi cited.  “The hospital in New York are not crowded with patients,” Corsi continiued in the podcast.

Concerning the COVID-19 coronavirus Cprsi said, “I do think it is an attack by China, maybe by Putin. (time-mark 10:22)”


At time-mark 14:25 (above) Jason Goodman pushes the so-called conspiracy theory that the murder of Honey and Barry Sherman in November 2017 in Toronta, Canada may have been connected to the present COVID-19 “miracle drug” Hydroxychloroquine (see post below for background).  The theory seems to state that Honey and Barry Sherman were aware of the upcoming planned pandemic and were prepared to make an enormous sum of money in the distribution of this drug.

George Webb accuses Red China COVID virus Czar Dr. Anthony Fauci of patent schemes; possible links between Corona vaccine of Hydroxychloroquine and the Sherman murders of 2017 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.




George Webb accuses Jason Goodman of perjury in the Jerome Corsi Harvard Club affair










To be continued…


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