Eerie fears of armed confrontation sparked as Idaho cop — that arrested lock-down playground mom Sara Walton Brady — visited by the “Ammon Bundy Militia”; Jason Goodman side-kick Larry Klayman was one-time Bundy family attorney





The recent dramatic arrest of so-called “anti-vaccine protester” Sara Brady by a Meridian, Idaho police officer has sparked new fears of armed confrontation with elements of the so-called “Bundy Militia”.

The 41 y.o. mom was arrested by a Meridian police officer in a dramatic display capture on viral video content.  Brady, who fought a political battle with her school board in 2017 against vaccinations, streamed her playground protest and arrest on Facebook.  The video quickly went viral.










Most Internet observers recall the drama of the “Bundy Ranch Stand-off”, where Cliven Bundy opposed agents of the Bureau of Land Management by not paying grazing fees for his cattle.

Ammon Bundy, Cliven Bundy’s son, organized a protest at the arresting officer’s home and published his address (doxing).


Notorious militiaman and anti-government extremist Ammon Bundy led protesters Tuesday evening outside the Meridian, Idaho, home of a police officer they claimed had unlawfully arrested an anti-vaccination conspiracy theorist earlier that day.


Bundy — best known for leading the armed militia occupation of Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in 2016 — shared a video on Facebook showing him and dozens of protesters standing outside the home of the Meridian Police Department officer.

“There was a woman at a park with her children and she was arrested!” Bundy screams at the four or five cops standing in the driveway, watching guard over their fellow officer’s home. “Completely inappropriate.”


Bundy was referencing the arrest, earlier that day, of Sara Walton Brady, a prominent Idaho anti-vaxxer who staged a protest at a Meridian playground shuttered due to town measures to slow the spread of COVID-19.


JEERS … to Ammon Bundy of Emmett.

With a mob behind him on Tuesday, the professional insurrectionist invaded two private homes.

First came the Emmett residence of Gov. Brad Little.

Bundy doesn’t like Little’s stay-at-home order, a mainstream response to the COVID-19 pandemic. So along with his fellow fanatic, Diego Rodriguez of Boise Freedom Tabernacle Church, Bundy and company carried a lawn sign proclaiming “Governor Brad Little is a disgrace” and left behind a list of grievances.

No one answered. But for all the world to see, they depicted on social media the fact that the chief executive of the state of Idaho may lack adequate security.

Next came the home of a Meridian police officer, who earlier in the week arrested protester Sara Brady at a city park playground.

Brady practically goaded the officer into detaining her.

Had a group of fellow officers not blocked them at the driveway, Bundy’s buffoons would have gone right up to the front door.





MERIDIAN — Protesters on Tuesday targeted the home of the Meridian police officer who arrested a woman for refusing to leave a closed city playground during a planned protest.

Dozens of people, including anti-government activist Ammon Bundy of Emmett, gathered on a sidewalk outside the home of the officer, where they shouted at Meridian police officers and delivered a list of grievances, according to a video shared on social media.

The Idaho Press is not sharing the link to the video, which shows the officer’s house, and is not publishing the officer’s name or photos, to protect their privacy amid possible threats to their safety.

Earlier on Tuesday, Sara Brady, 40, was arrested by Meridian police Tuesday after attending a planned protest at a park playground closed due to concerns about the new coronavirus. According to a video shared on social media, after Meridian police officers told the protesters to leave the playground area and continue their protest in areas of the park that remained open, Brady turned her back to an officer, offered her hands to be handcuffed, and asked the officer to arrest her.



MERIDIAN, Idaho — The Meridian Police Department is condemning the actions of an Idaho militia leader who sent out a police officer’s home address and showed up with his followers at the man’s house to protest an arrest he had made earlier that day.

The situation stems from the Tuesday arrest of Sara Brady, who was charged with misdemeanor trespassing after she refused to leave a closed playground in Meridian.

Brady was one of a crowd of people who showed up with their children at Kleiner Park as part of a protest over the closure of the play structure. The City of Meridian shut down and taped off their playgrounds in March in a bid to slow the spread of COVID-19, which can live on plastics, like a playground slide, for several days.



(INTELLIHUB) Ammon Bundy joined the Intellihub Podcast on Friday where he explained how the U.S. government is using COVID-19 as the perfect mechanism to gain power over its citizenry.

“Our everyday liberties have never been more at stake then they are right now,” Bundy told Intellihub founder and editor-in-chief Shepard Ambellas. “The question is: who does your body belong to… does it belong to you or does it belong to somebody in government?”

“If it’s your body than you have a right to say no and not have that injection put in you,” he explained. Whose right is it to travel… is it your right or is it the government’s right… so does the government grant that to you or is that a right that you have?”


Above:  Jason Goodman (l) talks with host of INTELLIHUB (r)


Above:  Jason Goodman side-kick Joe Napoli interviewed on INTELLIHUB


Above:  Ryan Bundy, (see below mug shot) interviewed by INTELLIHUB host



Above:  Ammon Bundy at the Oregon Malheaur National Wildlife Refuge “stand off” in 2016


Ammon Bundy, who led an armed occupation of a federal wildlife refuge in Oregon in 2016, hadn’t been drawing much attention from news cameras or social media lately, until COVID-19.

In defiance of Idaho’s stay-at-home order, which he claims is an affront to personal liberties, the militia leader — who was acquitted by an Oregon jury in 2016 — has been regularly holding in-person meetings in the Idaho farming town of Emmett where he now lives.

Bundy, in a cowboy hat and jeans, usually addresses a couple dozen people while glancing at notes on his MacBook.


Above:  Ammon Bundy (top left) federal prisoner mug shot




Bundy standoff

The 2014 Bundy standoff was an armed confrontation between supporters of cattle rancher Cliven Bundy and law enforcement following a 21-year legal dispute in which the United States Bureau of Land Management (BLM) obtained court orders directing Bundy to pay over $1 million in withheld grazing fees for Bundy’s use of federally owned land adjacent to Bundy’s ranch in southeastern Nevada.

On March 27, 2014, 145,604 acres (589 km²) of federal land in Clark County were temporarily closed for the “capture, impound, and removal of trespass cattle.” BLM officials and law enforcement rangers began a roundup of such livestock on April 5, and Cliven Bundy’s son, Dave, was arrested.[2] On April 12, 2014, a group of protesters, some of them armed, approached the BLM “cattle gather.” Sheriff Doug Gillespie negotiated with Bundy and newly confirmed BLM director Neil Kornze, who elected to release the cattle and de-escalate the situation. As of the end of 2015, Cliven Bundy continued to graze his cattle on federal land and still had not paid the grazing fees.





Above:  “Hollywood film maker” Jason Goodman (r) interviews Ryan Bundy (see Bunkerville, Nevada stand-off 2014)(l) with so-called attorney Larry Klayman, esq. (center)


Above:  David Knight (l) of INFOWARS interviews Jason Goodman (r)


Apparently Jason Goodman, operator of the conspiracy brand “CrowdSource The Truth” attended a Bundy evidentiary hearing to provide an interview to the Alex Jones INFOWARS show.  The video appears to have been scrubbed from the Internet.



Well, well, this is good, the more people who hear about these atrocities the better. Jason Goodman of Croudsource The Truth went to court today and covered the story. I have been subscribed to Jason’s channel for a long time. 


Above: Jason Goodman broadcasts from the Bundy trial



A federal appeals panel Friday refused to allow conservative lawyer Larry Klayman to join Cliven Bundy’s defense team in the Bunkerville standoff case.

The three-judge panel voted 2-1 to uphold a decision by Chief U.S. District Judge Gloria Navarro barring Klayman from the case.

Navarro has refused to let Klayman join Bundy’s defense until he can provide proof that “ethical disciplinary proceedings” against him in Washington, D.C., have been resolved in his favor. Klayman appealed Navarro’s ruling to the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco.

“Bundy is entitled to a fair trial defended by competent, vigorous counsel of his choosing,” the opinion said. “But his right to such counsel does not extend to counsel from outside the district who has made it a practice of impeding the ethical and orderly administration of justice.”


By Larry Klayman
August 23, 2019

The Justice Department remains in the hands of the Obama-Clinton Deep State, and our current attorney general, Bill Barr, appears not to be largely in control. This is par for the course and has been an endemic problem over the last decades in prior Republican administrations.

And this why we ask you to join Freedom Watch and me by becoming a member of our Justice League, as time is short to save the Republic from the destructive jihad of the radical left and its leaders, like Congresswomen Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar. Go to and enlist today before it is too late to preserve our God-given freedoms and liberties





Above:  Larry Klayman (l) listens to his client Cliven Bundy (r), father of Ammon Bundy



Above:  Cliven Bundy (l), Bunkerville, Nevada and Larry Klayman, esq. (r)




Another loss for Larry Klayman, esq. This time for Sheriff Joe Arpaio against the New York Times


Coming soon….







Washington state Rep. Matt Shea planned and participated in domestic terrorism against the U.S., a probe commissioned by the state House has found. According to The Seattle Times, the report found Shea took part in and promoted three instances of political violence in three different states over three years. One of those armed conflicts was a 2016 six-week standoff at an Oregon wildlife refuge, led by militia leader Ammon Bundy, where one protester was killed. Shea was also reportedly found to have “publicly supported” a 2014 armed standoff involving rancher Cliven Bundy, and he is said to have engaged in a 2015 conflict in Idaho.

In working on the Oregon wildlife refuge occupation, the report said Shea dictated responsibilities for militia members and an organization that he chaired in a military-like plan. He also allegedly “gathered intelligence” about the strategies of law enforcement on the other side of the standoff. The FBI’s Seattle office has reportedly confirmed that they received the report. The legislative body’s Republican minority leader, Rep. J.T. Wilcox, said Shea was “suspended from any role in the House Republican Caucus” and said he should resign. Shea declined to be interviewed for the report, but said he was entitled to “due process” shortly before it was released.


To be continued…

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