Acting as a modern day “Lord Jim“, the Midwestern college basketball star has met his public disgrace.  As if abandoning a ship of trusting passengers, George Webb has forsaken any shred of journalistic integrity — in exchange for a few filthy coins.


Above:  George Webb-like “Lord Jim” reports for duty on the S.S. Patna (bringing back memories of the Port of Charleston “dirty bomb hoax” of June 14th, 2017 in South Carolina).  The S.S. Patna was an “ugly hag of a sea witch”.  The S.S. Patna represents the modern fear monger conspiracy brands that haunt the Internet like a “phantom ship coming to settle an old account”.







  • A US Army reservist at the center of an unfounded conspiracy theory that blames her for bringing the disease to China says she’s now in fear for her life
  • Maatje Benassi and her husband described the ‘nightmare’ of their ordeal to CNN, saying their lives have been turned upside down since the theory started
  • The theory begins with her participation in the Military World Games in Wuhan last October, where she competed as a cyclist just weeks before outbreak began
  • Conspiracy theorists believe  the novel coronavirus was manufactured in a U.S. military lab and brought to China by Benassi during the military Olympics
  • The theory has gained traction in China, with state officials and state-run newspapers blaming Benassi and the US Government for coronavirus 
  • After the conspiracy was first peddled in March, in the weeks since, Benassi says she has been inundated with death threats online from believers of the theory


Sgt. 1st Class Maatje Benassi competed in cycling for the U.S. team during the October games, placing 8th in the 50-mile race despite suffering bruised ribs and a cracked helmet after crashing in the final stretch.

But the games — designed to promote peace between militaries through friendly sporting events — later became the target of conspiracies centering around the presence of U.S. troops in Wuhan, the sprawling central Chinese city where the coronavirus outbreak began months later.

Benassi, who was featured by DoD media after the race, was singled out as a potential “patient zero” for the virus in a YouTube video posted this March by George Webb, a man known for pushing conspiracies to his 98,000 subscribers. The allegations eventually spread to Global Times, an offshoot of the People’s Daily, a media organ of the Chinese Communist Party.

Benassi and her husband, who is a retired Air Force officer and current Pentagon employee, have gradually become the targets of conspiracy theorists, the couple told CNN this week.


Above:  Sergeant First Class Maatje Benassi




Yesterday, CNN’s “New Day” aired a horrifying story about an Army reservist who has been the target of a particularly heinous smear campaign. One of the most noxious conspiracy peddlers on YouTube has falsely accused her of bringing coronavirus to China.

Last year, Maatje Benassi took part in the Military World Games, essentially a military version of the Olympics. Since March, Internet bottomfeeders have used her presence there to claim that she brought the virus to China.

The guy who has been leading this smear campaign is longtime YouTube conspiracy peddler George Webb, whom you may know as one of the clowns who falsely claimed two years ago there was a dirty bomb en route to Charleston. In March, he began uploading videos accusing Maatje of being “Patient Zero” in the outbreak. Within days, the comments turned particularly virulent and hateful. Several of Webb’s “fans” have flooded the Benassis with hateful messages on social media, forcing them to delete their Facebook and Twitter accounts. After someone doxed the Benassis by plastering their home address online, they were targeted with nasty letters as well.


A US Army reservist and mother-of-two from the US state of Virginia has become the helpless target of conspiracy theorists, who have falsely accused her of starting the global coronavirus pandemic.

Maatje Benassi says the bogus claim she is the COVID-19 patient zero has gone viral on social media in China, leaving her and her husband, a retired Air Force officer, fearing for their lives, CNN reported Monday.

“It’s like waking up from a bad dream going into a nightmare day after day,” Benassi, who works at Fort Belvoir in Virginia, told CNN. “Every time you’re going to Google my name, it will pop up as patient zero.”

YouTube videos attacking the Benassi family have now become commonplace on WeChat, Weibo and Xigua, popular platforms that are translated into Chinese, with the false claim spreading as fast as the virus at the centre of the conspiracy theory.

The bizarre claim stems from Benassi’s visit in October to Wuhan.









#Maatje Benassi so-called Patient Zero – George Webb declares innocent female soldier a danger to the public health in viral COVID-19 video


George Webb claims censorship of patient zero — Maatje Benassi — worse than Chinese CCP as Google, LLC pulls down 580K views “intel” video — now viral in Red China



To be continued….

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