After the public revelations of the slap-dash research used by George Webb (Sweigert) to “destroy the lives” of a military couple, new outcries for increased litigation and revision of steam-whistle era laws that protect social media giants (Google, YouTube, Twitter, etc).

Story after story of public humiliation and debilitating embarrassment are a daily occurrence within the under-belly of the “conspiracy movement”; largely an off-shoot of pro-Trump zealots that justify such smear campaigns against “deep state” operatives (ends justify the means).

It became clear in George Webb’s confessional video (filmed by Jon O’Laughlin at Cobb Island, Maryland) that the integral issue of Jason Goodman’s side-kick — Okey Marshall Richards (OMR) — has never been addressed.  OMR was the key “source” of the “dirty bomb hoax” information distributed by “Hollywood film maker” Jason Goodman (defendant in two federal lawsuits).


Above:  former tax attorney John O’Loughlin (l) interviews George Webb (r); both of Cobb Island, Maryland.



Above:  George Webb advises his followers he is withdrawing to the dark corners of the so-called “smear cave” Patreon



What some perceive as a near “death-bed confession”, George Webb was apparently trying to “come clean” about his role in the Port of Charleston “dirty bomb hoax” of June 14, 2017 in South Carolina.


George Webb explains that he had almost 30 – 40 telephone calls with OMR, who was discovered to be a contract informant for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (F.B.I.).  Webb openly discusses the “intel” he was receiving from OMR with Jason Goodman in the video below (shot three weeks before the Port of Charleston “dirty bomb hoax”.

Above:  George Webb discusses the movements of the motor vessel MEMPHIS MAERSK with Jason Goodman (filming and asking questions).  The “intel” provided to Jason Goodman in the video originated with OMR (begin at half way point in video).


Above:  So-called “smear profiteer” Jack Conte (@jackconte) of Patreon




In the July 2, 2017 video podcast with George Webb, Quinn Michaels and Jason Goodman, Goodman is heard to say “our very good friend Mr. Hudson”; apparently the code name for OMR.  Indeed, in August 2017 Jason Goodman brought OMR aka “Mr. Hudson” in the conspiracy brand CrowdSource The Truth to co-produce about thirty (30) podcast shows.


Above:  George Webb (l) interrogates Quinn Michaels (c) while Jason Goodman listens in

Jason Goodman continued the relationship with OMR aka Mr. Hudson, by creating “The Hudson Report” a regular feature of the CrowdSource The Truth conspiracy brand.

Below is a montage of twenty-five (25) podcasts featuring the F.B.I. informant Okey Marshall Richards (OMR) on the CrowdSource The Truth conspiracy platform.


Above:  The relationship between Jason Goodman and OMR aka Mr. Hudson described above (see court documents).


Above:  Explanation of the relationship of Quinn Michaels to George Webb and Jason Goodman








To be continued…


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