New D.O.J. probe as Dr. Jerome Corsi, Larry Klayman, esq., Kevin Shipp and Liz Crokin all jump the “fear mongering ship” of Jason Goodman, “Hollywood film maker”

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Alas, nearly a half dozen side-kicks of “Hollywood film maker” Jason Goodman have disassociated themselves from the co-founder of the conspiracy brand “CrowdSource The Truth”.  The latest dust-up stems from the perceived so-called jealousy of Jason Goodman at the success of former side-kick Kevin Shipp.


Above:  Kevin Shipp as he appears in the movie “Out of Shadows”



Above:  A Jason Goodman broadcast of the so-called clandestine phone call

Apparently, Kevin Shipp took issue with a recent clandestine recorded telephone call to a key player in the Kevin Shipp movie — Liz Crokin.  Goodman failed to advise Liz Crokin that the call was recorded.  Then the clandestine phone call was widely distributed world-wide by Goodman.





Above:  Jason Goodman advises that he was told to “go F##k myself”, apparently by Larry Klayman, esq.



Above:  Small sampling of podcasts distributed by Dr. Jerome Corsi (PhD political science) showcasing “Hollywood film maker” Jason Goodman



Even in the midst of the greatest disaster in a century, there are flickers of light. And when those glimmers include both right-wing dirty trickster Jerome Corsi and a fake COVID-19 cure huckster earning themselves a new federal investigation solely on the basis of Corsi being blatantly careless, those moments can get refreshingly bright.

Right-wing agent provocateur Corsi is probably best known for his connection to Roger Stone and his involvement in trying to leverage a relationship with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. He’s also known for suing special counsel Robert Mueller for $350 million, and for how a federal judge promptly tossed that ridiculous lawsuit. But despite losing his case in 2019, and despite the special counsel’s office being officially closed for months, Corsi apparently left the phone number of one of Mueller’s prosecutors in his list of phone contacts. That turned out to be a mistake.


It’s hard to see how this could have gone any worse. The Justice Department is reportedly investigating a New York doctor who touted a dubious coronavirus treatment to the White House after a Mueller probe figure accidentally sent an email meant for him directly to a federal prosecutor instead. The Washington Post reports Vladimir “Zev” Zelenko’s communications are being probed after conservative commentator Jerome Corsi mistakenly sent an email intended for the doctor to another “Z” in his address book—Aaron Zelinsky, who spent months scrutinizing Corsi as a member of Special Counsel Robert Mueller team. Zelinsky is now tasked with investigating coronavirus-related crimes in the Maryland U.S. Attorney’s Office. Zelenko, whose work has been discussed on Fox News, has reportedly been in contact with the White House to push the anti-malarial drug hydroxycholorquine as a treatment for the coronavirus, despite a lack of evidence to support it. Corsi said he and Zelenko have have acted lawfully, but he plans to cooperate with the feds.



Above:  Apparently, a new U.S. Department of Justice probe has been initiated against “Dr.” Jerome Corsi.


(CNN)Vladimir Zelenko, a doctor who has pushed hydroxychloroquine usage for coronavirus to the White House and on Fox News, now may have the Justice Department looking into his efforts, after conservative podcaster Jerome Corsi mistakenly sent a former Mueller prosecutor an email.

Corsi — who styles his name as “Dr. Corsi” because he has a political science degree — sent an email on April 20 to those he calls his “tele-health” partners about public relations and business opportunities for Zelenko because of his work on hydroxychloroquine. Instead of emailing Zelenko, however, Corsi mistakenly copied federal prosecutor Aaron Zelinsky, a former special counsel’s office investigator now based in Maryland.


  • The Justice Department began investigating a New York doctor pushing unproven coronavirus treatments after a far-right conspiracy theorist accidentally emailed a federal prosecutor instead of the doctor.
  • The Washington Post reported that the conspiracist, Jerome Corsi, meant to email the doctor, Vladimir “Zev” Zelenko, but instead emailed Aaron Zelinsky, a prosecutor who worked with Robert Mueller and spent months investigating Corsi as part of the Russia probe.
  • Zelinsky reportedly emailed Corsi back and requested all his communications with Zelenko, who promotes the anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine to treat coronavirus.
  • There is no robust evidence that the drug is an effective coronavirus treatment. One Brazilian study was halted after patients died.


Right-wing conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi, who famously dodged charges in Robert Mueller’s Russia probe, accidentally sent an email last month about a hydroxychloroquine project to a former Mueller prosecutor that may have contained incriminating evidence against Corsi and his associate, a doctor who frequently appears on conservative news outlets, the Washington Post reported late Thursday night.

Corsi had intended to send the email to Dr. Vladimir “Zev” Zelenko, but failed to realize that his contact list auto-populated the recipient line with federal prosecutor Aaron Zelinsky. Zelinsky was one of the federal investigators Corsi lied to about his contacts with Roger Stone regarding WikiLeaks before Corsi eventually became a witness for the prosecution in Stone’s criminal trial.




The New York doctor also posted a video explaining his success with hydroxychloroquine and Zinc supplements.  His treatment resulted in the shortness of breath issue being resolved in 4 to 6 hours.  Dr. Zelenko in his study had zero deathszero hospitalizations and zero intubations!

A week later Dr. Zelenko announced that he had now treated 699 coronavirus patients with 100% success.



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To be continued….

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