Stunning developments have unfolded in the latest dust-up between “Hollywood film maker” and alleged homosexual Jason Goodman and other social media  “investigative journalists”.  This time Nathan Stolpman of Lift The Veil and David Knight (associate of INFOWARS).

Jason Goodmen seems outraged that Stolpman and Knight used a clip of former O.J. Simpson attorney Alan Dershowitz.  Apparently Dershowitz’s comments in the video clip have gone viral, without attribution to so-called journalist Jason Goodman.  Both men (Knight and Stolpman) have now been accused of operating as social engineers by Goodman.





Above:  Alan Dershowitz (l), alleged child rapist friend of Jeffrey Epstein and Jason Goodman (r).


Above:  Alan Dershowtiz (jacket) with Jeffrey Epstein








Jason’s jealous rages against any person who speaks to any other person who he has previously made into an enemy–and there are so many of them it is hard to keep count–is not the way an emotionally healthy mature adult functions. To call it being a control-freak is an understatement, as if he can control and dictate people speaking to each other. It is the pinnacle of psycho-social dysfunction, that he interprets people communicating without his direct involvement or permission as a conspiracy, to ‘trick’ him and make him ‘look foolish.’ I put those words in quotations because that is his repeated vocabulary used to describe his perception of regular social situations. That like-minded youtubers would deign to speak to each other and go on each others shows–how can normal social interaction possibly be interpreted as an organized conspiracy against HIM, unless there is something seriously wrong with him that he comes to such insane conclusions? He interviewed a guy living off-grid one time. Later, Jason got into a massive spat with Douglas Gabriel. Jason notices that prior to his spat with Gabriel, the off-grid guy had left a positive comment on one of Gabriel’s videos months prior. Because of that comment left on the page of one of his ‘enemies,’ Jason went ballistic on the off-grid guy, canceled the pending interview unless he was issued an apology, on and on, really upsetting the off-grid guy because he was blindsided by this aberrant irrational behaviour. If that were the actions of say a man towards a woman in a relationship, or vice versa, we would see that as abusive red-flag behaviour, and we would counsel that person on the receiving end to exit that relationship. They don’t call it ‘insane jealousy’ for nothing.
Jason and George have systematically attacked and/or betrayed Trish, George, Hudson, Queen Tut, Jake Morphonius, Matt Couch, Brainy Blonde, Tracy Beanz, White Rabbit, Robert David Steele, Titus Frost, Evelyn Pringle, Bill Warner, Allison, Defango obviously, HA Goodman, Lift the Veil, Andre Taggart, Laurel Everly, Vince Edwards, Random Rants of Ryan, Dagwood, Douglas Gabriel, Lionel, Quinn Michaels, King James, TaskForce, Frank Bacon, now a fellow named Marcus Conte. Did I miss anyone?






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To be continued….

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