So-called “Hollywood film maker” Jason Goodman is always glad — it appears — to offer his side-kick Larry Klayman a place to cry bitter tears after a legal defeat.  This time it was Larry Klayman’s loss in the Eastern District of Virginia in a new lawsuit (dismissed) which copies Klayman’s decades old lawsuit against Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch.

Larry Klayman, almost 70 y.o., has a colorful history of suing his former business partner (Tom Fitton) supposedly after sexual allegation charges were made against “grandpa” Klayman.  Then there was that business of alleged “child abuse” between grandpa and his children in a very messy Ohio divorce.  Meanwhile, the District of Columbia Bar Association apparently has a pending ethics complaint against grandpa Klayman that insinuates more sexual misconduct.  Then there is the “vexatious litigant” motions against grandpa in the District of Columbia federal courts.


Above:  “Grandpa” Larry Klayman (l) interviewed by alleged homosexual Jason Goodman (r)

Above:  Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch

Above:  Larry Klayman of Freedom Watch




Larry Klayman filed a so-called duplicative lawsuit in Virginia that mimicked the decades old lawsuit Klayman has with Tom Fitton.  This tactic is known in legal circles as “forum shopping”, looking for new jurisdictions to file lawsuits rejected elsewhere.

Although the Virginia lawsuit was dismissed 4/28/2020, grandpa Klayman has filed a series of “reconsideration” motions to prolong the death of the Virginia case.

04/28/2020 21 ORDER- For these reasons, this Court lacks personal jurisdiction over this non-resident defendant. Accordingly, defendant’s Motion to Dismiss [Dkt. 4] is GRANTED, and is it hereby ORDERED that this civil action be and is DISMISSED. Signed by District Judge Leonie M. Brinkema on 4/28/2020. (See order for further details). (acha, ) Copy sent as directed in the order. (Entered: 04/28/2020)

04/28/2020 22 RULE 58 JUDGMENT is hereby entered in favor of the Defendant, Thomas J. Fitton and against plaintiff, Larry Klayman. Signed by Clerk on 4/28/2020. (acha, )Copy sent as directed in the order. (Entered: 04/28/2020)

05/05/2020 23 MOTION for Reconsideration re 21 Order on Motion to Dismiss for Failure to State a Claim, by Larry Klayman. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit 1, # 2 Exhibit 2, # 3 Exhibit A, # 4 Exhibit B, # 5 Exhibit 3)(rban, ) (Entered: 05/05/2020)

05/19/2020 24 Memorandum in Opposition re 23 MOTION for Reconsideration re 21 Order on Motion to Dismiss for Failure to State a Claim, filed by Thomas J. Fitton. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit A)(Driscoll, Richard) (Entered: 05/19/2020)














Jason Goodman sidekick Larry Klayman, esq. defeated in attempt to disqualify presiding judge after 13 years in litigation against Judicial Watch


New twist in Arizona as Larry Klayman, esq., linked with Sheriff Joe Arpaio. 32 cases of child molesting not investigated.


Another Jason Goodman side-kick in hot water with the courts — this time so-called attorney Larry Klayman and his “knock off” Sheriff Joe Arpaio lawsuit in D.C.


Another motion to disqualify a federal judge by Larry Klayman DENIED in second federal case.




Above:  Alleged homosexual Jason Goodman


To be continued….


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