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This person is a current sidekick of Jason Goodman, CrowdSource The Truth.  This person is a former sidekick of Field McConnell.

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Radioactive fall-out still seems to be settling in the Field McConnell arrest controversy.  Creating more questions than providing answers, two conspiracy theory profiteers appeared to clumsily attempt to defend themselves from orbiting allegations about “pedo entrapment rings”.

Abel Danger conspiracy brand founder David Charles Hawkins pleaded his case to the rank and file Abel Danger loyalists while Jason D. Goodman (founder of the conspiracy brand CrowdSource The Truth) attempted to Hawkins on track in a one hour “snitch-a-thon”.


Judging by comments in the live chat room and comment section, it appears that the attempt by Hawkins and Goodman (defendant) to assuage or alleviate these loyalists may have back fired.

David Charles Hawkins (White Rock (South Surrey), British Columbia, Canada) more or less defended his earlier public remarks stating his suspicions that Field McConnell was compromised by a “pedo blackmail and extortion ring”.   Such insinuation seem to only anger the Abel Danger tried and true followers.

In the one hour “snitch-a-thon” Jason Goodman of CrowdSource The Truth seems to forcefully push Hawkins back on track and away from allegation of teenage dating leveled by both George Webb Sweigert (Jason’s former roommate) and former sidekick Queen Tut (aka Susan B. Holmes of Colorado Springs, Colo., aka Susan Lutzhke).  Other allegations purportedly stated to Queen Tut by Trish Negron (former Jason Goodman sidekick) seem to amplify the teenage dating issue.

Over the years Mr. Hawkins has seemed to make “pedo entrapment ring” his bread and butter content to earn him $500.00 a month (for over four (4) years) as a paid operative of Field McConnell.




Are David Charles Hawkins and Timothy Charles Holmseth both pedophile crime fighting twins?

Did David Charles Hawkins turn over ABEL DANGER social media to non-resident aliens? CrowdSource shuffle

David Hawkins links Port of Charleston dirty bomb event to kiddie porn as Jason Goodman looks on

BREAKING: Field McConnell of Abel Danger is ARRESTED in Pierce County, Wisconsin on three Florida felony warrants










Source: http://911disclosure.blogspot.com/2011/03/connection-kristine-marcy-sba-8a-opm.html#ixzz64WG4OTFy

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The connection: Kristine Marcy – SBA (8)a – OPM – SES – SOS – HSBC – FCI

Written by: 

David Hawkins

Vancouver, BC

Kristine Marcy, the Small Business Administration 8(a) and SOS Children’s Villages are joined at the hip through HSBC; a preferred lender to the one and the preferred sponsor of the other.



Sent March 26, 2010

Dear Prime Minister Harper:

Clinton-Marcy Patented Shock of Burlingame 9/11

Hawks CAFE believes the former patent lawyer with Rose Law firm Hillary Clinton, and the S.E.S. founder Kristine Marcy, authorized agents of the U.S. Justice Prisoner and Alien Transportation System to use electric-shock devices mentioned in United States Patent[masked] to disable pilots such as Chic Burlingame III (AA Flight 77) during the 9/11 attack.


Field McConnell is Kristine Marcy’s brother, hence the title of our second book “Sister Abel, Brother Cain” found at the link below; we suggest you read it and act accordingly. http://www.captains herlock.com/

Yours sincerely,

Field McConnell, United States Naval Academy, 1971, Forensic Economist [address removed] or avalonbeef@msn. com 30 year airline and 22 year military pilot, 23,000 hours of safety, Tel:[masked]

David Hawkins hawks-cafe@hotmail. com Tel:[masked] Former oil industry operating engineer; Blow-out specialist, safety officer, trouble shooting. Decades of experience in explosives, incendiaries, radioactive materials and 12-D simulations. ….







Above: Jason Goodman (l) in Vancouver, British Columbia with David Hawkins (r)





To be continued…


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