SDNY.ORG is a counter-speech site to provide the truthful narratives about the dozen politically and financially motivated “social media investigative journalists”.  Periodically, these crisis actor players engage in public shaming and smear campaigns.

This person is the alleged former sidekick of George Webb (Sweigert), Susan “Queen Tut” Holmes and many others.

This person is considered to be a second-tier social media crank that struggles to gain more exposure within the conspiracy industry.




Jason Goodman films patients at NYC’s Presbyterian Hospital while accused by Pro Field McConnell physician of obtaining her private telephone number to interfere with patient care — plus new court documents in Steven S. Biss case


Judge sets trial date for “conspiracy theorists” Jason Goodman, Susan “Queen Tut” Holmes and Trish “the dish” Negron in slander, defamation and libel case





George Webb accuses Jason Goodman of perjury in the Jerome Corsi Harvard Club affair


“Trick or treat” letter docketed by Clerk in Jason “dick pic” Goodman slander, libel and defamation lawsuit in the SDNY


Above:  Jason Goodman (l), Roger Stone (c), Jerome Corsi (r)


Above:  Jason Goodman allegedly assault reporter at U.S. Courthouse (S.D.N.Y.)


Above:  Jason Goodman makes physical contact with George Webb in a so-called stalking fashion (sneak up behind move)






Magistrate Judge Stewart D. Aaron issues ORDER in the SDNY Jason Goodman libel, slander and defamation lawsuit


Above:  Alleged Russian registered agent Lee Stranhan (l) with Jason Goodman (r)


Above:  Jason Goodman publishes a “WARNING” about the CrowdSource “investigation” on June 11, 2017 — three days before the Port of Charleston “dirty bomb hoax” (South Carolina).



Above:  Alleged texts from Jason Goodman about “TINDER dates”



Above:  Jason Goodman with sidekick Michael D. Moore of West Chester, Pennsylvania (aka “True Pundit” [convicted felon]).



Above:  Alleged attorney Larry Klayman (l) and Jason Goodman (r) act as “special prosecutors” in something called “Citizens Grand Jury”


Washington Post latest target of lawyer suing Jason Goodman — Steven S. Biss, esq. (attorney to Timothy Holmseth)

Magistrate Judge Stewart D. Aaron issues new ORDERS against Marcus Conte in Jason Goodman slander, fraud and libel lawsuit at SDNY

Jason Goodman accused of being a Satanist before 20K people while Magistrate Judge throws out “kitchen sink” litigation approach in slander, fraud and libel lawsuit

Magistrate Judge Stewart D. Aaron issues ORDER in the SDNY Jason Goodman libel, slander and defamation lawsuit





To be continued….


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