SDNY.ORG is a counter-speech site to provide the truthful narratives about the dozen politically and financially motivated “social media investigative journalists”.  Periodically, these crisis actor players engage in public shaming and smear campaigns.

This person is the alleged former sidekick of “Hollywood film maker” Jason Goodman of the conspiracy brand CrowdSource The Truth.

This person is considered to be a second-tier social media crank that struggles to gain more exposure within the conspiracy industry.




Marcus Conte is known to his social media friends, like Kerry Wolf aka “All Seeing Ewe”, as “TheGhostofBrooklyn”.  Marcus Conte is a former musician, psychic, trash whistle-blower and now “YouTube investigative journalist”.

Former alleged felon Conte is fond of attacking larger social media channels, such as George Webb of Cobb Island, Maryland.  Marcus Conte routinely has only 3-4% of the viewership of Webb.  Marcus Conte accused Webb of murder to apparently draw more views with the “George Webb” name in his social media videos.

Conte is an avid supporter of Senator Bernie Sander, a one time presidential candidate.  Conte formerly ran for the U.S. Senate in New York.  Conte became infamous when he distributed videos of a satanic ritualistic “invocation” for a Bernie Sanders primary outcome.

Conte is presently in legal hot water by allegedly attacking George Webb’s brother, whom has an on-going lawsuit with Jason Goodman, former George Webb side-kick.





edny-case - Copy


Marcus-Conte-mail-and-wire-draud - Copy






Jason Goodman’s hallow extortion and conspiracy allegations bounce off Manuel Chavez, III

Jason Goodman, Marcus Conte, Manuel Chavez, III linked in civil conspiracy SDNY court documents show



Brooklyn psychic Marcus Conte hit with mail/wire fraud racketeering charges


Crowdsource the Court Jester Marcus Conte: Too Lazy to Sue D. George Sweigert, He Attempts to Intervene in a Lawsuit Unrelated to Him! — Tracking The Leopard Meroz

YouTube personality Marcus Conte reported to FBI for 18 USC § 1503 meddling in SDNY Jason Goodman lawsuit

Marcus Conte should reopen the Jason Goodman FBI investigation into the Thomas Schoenberger, Isaac Kappy and the “JUDAS PROPHECY” incidents




To be continued….

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