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SDNY.ORG is a counter-speech sight to provide the truthful narratives about the dozen politically and financially motivated “social media investigative journalists”.  Periodically, these crisis actor players engage public shaming and smear campaigns.

This person is a former sidekick of Manuel Chavez, III of Carson City, Nevada and Thomas Schoenberger of Los Angeles, California.

This person is considered to be a second-tier social media crank that struggles to gain more exposure within the conspiracy industry.

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Denise Matteau

3/28/2011 at 1:55 pm

I believe all Jews killed Christ and therefore anyone who takes the life of a Jew has avenged Jesus murder on the cross.

I can tell you one Jew boy bastard I would like to give a fist in the ass to, and his name is Rick Ross from the Rick Ross Cult Institute. He has attempted to have me silenced, him and his culties. But I won’t be silenced. I will tell my story of how they are trying to take me out because of what I know about Obama.

I worked in the White House on special assignments under the Clintons and I know all their dirty little secrets and I know what happened to Mrs, Clintons’s lover Vince Foster and now they want to get rid of me before I can sell my story. All money sent to me to help me get my story out will go to help David McKay. You can find me at freedomissacred.

So-called Internet grifter Denise Matteau is the sister of the mother of the teenager (Jody) that allegedly murdered two high school students in the 1981 “LENOX 7″ murders.  The nephew of Denise Matteau, Jody, was the apparent ring-leader of a “high school prank” to murder two other high school students.

July 9, 1981- Seven Lenox youths indicted for manslaughter in the drowning deaths of two Lee High students.  Denise warned years later that “Jody” may have eyes on her daughter “FAITH” who would be dead on 8/26/2010.  (Jody = Joseph Burke Jr. of Berkshire County, Mass.).

For over a decade Denise Matteau of Corpus Christi, Texas has been broadcasting her alleged slanderous attacks on a stable of people.  She accuses these group of non-related bystanders of being involved in the “murder” of her daughter “FAITH”.  Some Internet observers have reported that Sojourner had obtained a temporary restraining order (TRO) against her mother (Denise) to protect her.

Nine months before the suicide of her 34 y.o. daughter, Sojourner Faith Jackson (allegedly at the University of Massachusetts), Denise apparently entered a war of words with Rick Alan Ross of Cult Awareness Network (CAN). Ms. Matteau is probably most famous for her writings about the CAN and Rick Ross, an alleged blackmailer extortionist according to Matteau.


The victims were Barry E. Griffin Jr., 19, and Richard W. Retzel, 18, both good athletes at Lee High School. They lived in modest houses in the same neighborhood in the mill town just south of Lenox, a picture-book New England town that houses Tanglewood, summer home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, and sprawling estates built by wealthy outsiders.


Retzel and Griffin died when their car plunged into Laurel Lake in Lee following a fight. But the court ruled that the state failed to prove the two victims entered their car to escape injury.

Evidence showed the victims were pursued by the defendants to a wooden landing at the lake, where Retzel, Griffin and a companion got out of the car and left the motor running.

A fight ensued during which one of the defendants kicked in the windshield and reached inside the car, possibly tampering with the gearshift, court records said.




More information on Denise Matteau





I also saw several incidents during the period of the trials that suggest —-‘s attempt at suicide was due to Renee’s (sister of Denise) abuse and threats, and she traded favors regarding —‘s case and the Lenox 7 case.

I had an incident in my own job in Boston regarding that connection between the two cases. I can easily document that those favors went way beyond personal family attempts to get lenient treatment for Jody (alleged murderer – nephew of Denise).

Nucifaro was involved. Renee was Nucifaro Sr’s bookkeeper at the time of the drownings. She is a CPA (sister of Denise) and did the books for a number of Lenox lawyers and businesses besides her work at GE. In fact, she did those books on GE computers.

I am twelve years younger than Renee. She moved in for the kill when I stopped being her obedient baby sister, and I had to do what I could to protect myself and — as best I could. There are numerous incidents documenting Renee using her daughter Loree and other people inside the social service system to get information to intimidate or blackmail witnesses.


Above: Based on best evidence this could be “Jody Burke” of the LENOX 7


More information on Denise Matteau:



Windham Regional Commission





Above: Alleged brother of Denise Matteau









September 13, 2008 at 11:35 AM

I have faced Renee Burke’s threats and Vermont Commissioner James Matteau’s support of the attacks on several members of our family whenever Renee leaned on him because of her well-founded paranoia that someday justice will prevail, and she will be seen as the manipulator who exploited her own son’s tragic folly.

Richard Retzel and Barry Griffin were not the Lenox 7’s only victims. The State Police know this. They did not go on as “7”, but the conspiracy to commit murder did continue into other conspiracies to harm witnesses in other crimes involving Renee Burke.

What is very bizarre, “JustMe”, is that my failure to give you specific details causes you to lash out on behalf of the killers and especially on behalf of Renee Burke.

Renee’s son (Jody – Joseph F. Burke, Jr.) did and said terrible things that night, but as a human being with at least some decency still left in him, he felt remorse and he tried to come clean to the authorities.



Denise Matteau is known as TRUTH CONVOY is social media circles.  She claims to be a member of the former cult “National Labor Federation“.

The cult I was in was NatLFed, which ran alongside Larouche in many ways but was much larger and more deeply rooted in the college student population. Larouche’s own lack of education limited his following, but NatLFed grew out of a coalescence of disaffected 60’s-70’s radicals out of the old SDS and Weather Underground and Black Panthers and it parasitically rode along with the Cesar Chavez movement (founder Gerry Doeden aka Gino Perente masqueraded as a Chavez-type organizer to attract the white liberal trust-fund-babies who couldn’t get their elitist attitudes past Chavez’s people)


These trolls are not journalists or commentators. They have been actively involved in stalking numerous targets and attempting to instigate suicides. At least one of them is a member of Neil Brick’s group. They tend to violate boundaries between online life and “real” life. This is just a head’s-up for you that they quickly move to threats and blackmail-attempts against anyone who refuses their invitations to join them.

January 23, 2011 at 5:49 AM

Matteau claims that certain people, like Thomas Schoenberger, kill people for fun.  She constantly brings up her deceased daughter, Sojourner Faith Matteau Jackson.  



truth-convoy-obit-james-p-matteau-comment-2 (1)


The National Labor Federation (NATLFED) is a network of local community associations, run exclusively by volunteers, that organize workers excluded from collective bargaining protections by U.S. labor law, specifically, under the National Labor Relations Act of 1935. Although the groups affiliated with NATLFED have denied having a political affiliation, NATLFED is described by some former participants as a front for an organization called the Provisional Communist Party of the United States, which has, in the past, advocated for armed overthrow of the government. NATLFED consists of several dozen mutual benefit associations and their organizers who conduct canvassing in working-class neighborhoods and coordinate assistance programs operated by members and volunteers of the associations. According to literature printed by the groups, these benefit programs entitle members to emergency food, clothing, medical and dental care, legal advice, child care, and job referrals.

The Communist Party, United States of America (Provisional) also known as the Communist Party, United States of America (Provisional Wing) or by shortened names such as the Provisional Communist PartyProvisional PartyProvisional Party of CommunistsOrder of Lenin or simply the Formation, is a communist political party in the United States founded by Gino Perente, a controversial farm labor organizer who died in 1995. The party includes much of the leadership of the National Labor Federation (NATLFED), and may have no further substance at all. Outside estimates cap membership at between 100 and 300 core members. Those alleged to be members make no public use of the name, and have virtually no identifiable offices or centers of operations.


Above: Denise Matteau broadcasts her so-called “communist” ramblings on YouTube

I find it quite odd that falling_leaves has been unmasked as Denise, dsm, on the xJC’s and yet continues, without a blink from anyone who previously banned her for her apalling behaviour, to preach reconciliation and restorative justice there now. She is already laying down the ground rules of the ‘dialogue’ which of course demand that no mention is made of specific instances of
Forum: “Cults,” Sects, and “New Religious Movements”
Here is an interesting conversation confusing Larouche and NatLfed but rich in links and participant comments, and they do figure out the different cults by the end: And this interesting political view of Jim Jones: WARNING: these links are to a community of left-wing activists, so make sure you know what you are doing if you register there. (They are probably all fine people but a littl
Forum: Coercive Persuasion and Undue Influence,search=natlfed,author=,page=1,match_type=ALL,match_dates=0,match_forum=ALL,match_threads=

Larouche & NatLfed, Bizarre Leftie Cults, interesting conversation
Posted by: dsm ()
Date: July 01, 2010 03:20PM


Here is an interesting conversation confusing Larouche and NatLfed but rich in links and participant comments, and they do figure out the different cults by the end: []

And this interesting political view of Jim Jones:

WARNING: these links are to a community of left-wing activists, so make sure you know what you are doing if you register there. (They are probably all fine people but a little paranoia never hurts. NatLFed does still have offices.) Personally, I am just reading their threads and getting an occasional chuckle when I recognize some of them. Like the “Sparts” who used to bust up meetings on campus in 1972. Talk about crazy! Those meetings often were in a totally different kind of “smoke-filled room” than politics usually involves. Couldn’t always tell if they were Sparts or acid-heads, either.


Denise Matteau’s blog defending free speech, freedom of religion, and the right to live free of vigilante harassment and intimidation. (Links may be to many different kinds of groups or writers. That’s what Freedom looks like.)


Above: Denise Matteau explains a letter concerning a “stalker ring” from the Attorney General of Massachusetts.  The AG explains they do not intend to open an investigation.

More reading:



(daughter who killed herself)




Above: the alleged daughter of Denise Matteau, Sojourner Faith Matteau Jackson, killed August 26th, 2010



Sojourner Faith Jackson was predeceased by her fiancé, Myron P. Wix of Chicopee (September 5, 1981-July 27, 2010).

According to latest records, Myron P Wix is 28 years old but according to our records was deceased as of 7/27/2010 and born in Sep 1981.


Romeo and Juliet Affair






Faith Jackson, a well-loved member of the community around UMass/Amherst and Northampton, passed away on August 26, 2010. She was 34. This page is set up by her mother, Denise Matteau. Please add to it.

Each year brings more depth to the world’s loss of this beautiful young woman. She did not commit suicide except in the most technical sense. There were people posing as her friends who harangued and pushed both her fiancé and her to their deaths. Several are members of my own family, who have enough influence to get away by hiding behind the ones who were actually there at her end. I posted the photo of Faith as Sojie in her uncle’s lap in defiance of his statement to predators, before she died, that we were not related. The last place I saw my daughter was at his house and it was soon after that that several Massachusetts-based predators began actively stalking Sojie. They mistook her cousin for her at UMass.



These predators are members of a strong Massachusetts-based cult that is deeply embedded in organized crime. My sister Renee is a member of that cult and began threatening Sojie and me from her infancy, even before her own son was charged in a double murder committed as part of graduation, the drowning of Barry Griffin and Richard Retzel in Laurel Lake in Lee Massachusetts. Charges against the seven defendants were changed to “conspiracy to commit manslaughter” and resulted in acquittal after many legal anomalies were accomplished by my family’s co-operation with Renee’s cult . I was sent an obituary of a murder victim while my daughter was still alive, in April of 2010, but could not charge the sender with “stalking” because of my family’s role in hiring him. My brother James Matteau owes his political career to his acquiescense with Renee’s long history of involvement with this cult, a cult that has successfully protected pedophiles and rapists in the Catholic Church and elsewhere in Berkshire County for years.

She was severely punished by her father, (who is psychotic and very easily manipulated) as well as by others around her who felt threatened anytime she showed positive connection with me, her mother. when she and her fiancé began to escape the control that cult had over their lives, and began to plan a more conventional life, they had to move against both of them. First against Myron, then against Faith.

They even succeeded in erasing the “Matteau” part of her name from her gravestone. Her full legal name was Sojourner Margret Matteau Jackson.

That is why Faith was killed, after all. Her so-called friends knew that she was escaping their cult and several of them did Renee the favor she wanted, to make sure Faith would never grow wis.

But Faith was already wise, and the saddest thing is, had she lived and made it to Texas, no one whould have taken a second look at what Renee Burke, James Matteau, and the other members of that sick cabal did in the wake of those drownings in Laurel Lake.



“I had been to my sister’s house, the Burke home, in Lenox Dale, Massachusetts for my nephew Jody’s graduation from Lenox High. After the family parties were over, we all went our way, only to receive the news soon after that the State Police had arrived to arrest Jody Burke for his part in the tragic drowning of two Lee High grads, Barry Griffin and Richard Retzel, in Laurel Lake in Lee, Massachusetts.”

Renee Burke, my sister, was nearly hysterical. She thought the world of her son and insisted that he was being set up by envious people. None of us doubted her very much because at that point we did not know what had happened. It did seem like it might have been an accident according to what she told us. Real discussion of the events within the family did not begin until the trial approached, and being in the eastern part of the state, I had not seen many news reports about the incident.”


More reading…


Renee’s husband, Joe, was also getting a little tipsy. He had molested me from age 12 to age 15, and I had put an end to it by holding a fork as a weapon and threatening to mark him in a place Renee would notice if he did not stop. After that he and I had a kind of truce, in which I could refer to the fork if he got flirty and he would back off with a joke. So we got along well enough. Joe asked me to talk, then in a very deeply touching manner unburdened himself and asked my forgiveness for what he had done to me, telling me how much he was learning from the therapy. I forgave him. We both then tried to have a talk with Renee, but she was vicious and would have none of it.”

Renee (sister of Denise Matteau) wrecked her life and she doesn’t even know why, because she was only 6 when this all started. She believes the family attacked her for religious reasons. Renee tried to drive her to suicide, too. She also nearly killed — in similar fashion and this happened in about 2000, 2001. Around the time of my mother’s death. I heard Renee talk about what she did to —, with her excuses, and my dad talked about it a little with me about what happened. He tried, in his own way & in his old age, to protect people from Renee.



The individuals involved in these attacks include my own family because of my nephew’s participation in a double homicide in 1981. That story has been published and republished in attacks on me and was used in attacks on my daughter before she died in 2010. Her death was caused by harassment and terrorization that she was not strong enough to resist. My own family is involved. James Matteau of Westminster Vermont, a Democrat who has worked hard to cover up the “Lenox 7” case, Renee (Lorene) Matteau Burke of Pittsfield, Massachusettsm, Larry Matteau of Vershire, Vermont, the Jacksons of Grafton, Masssachusetts and other members of my family who supported the suppression of evidence in those murder/manslaughter trials in Massachusetts, 1981-1983, are involved. The Rick Ross Institute has been hired by at least one of my relatives to attack me for “breaking ranks”.



Believe it or not, there are people who hold the opinion that self-proclaimed “cult buster” and “cult deprogrammer” Rick Ross is an “expert” on “destructive cults.” The so-called Ross’ “Institute” [2] of “Cult Awareness” and his “Cult Education Forum” are devoted to scour the news in search of so-called “destructive cults.” These misguided folks who consider Rick Ross’ singular campaign against “cults” as a worthy or heroic pursuit probably haven’t investigated Ross or his “Institute” or know anything  about his criminal background as a convicted felon. They may have taken at face value what others have said about Ross as being an “internationally known expert regarding destructive cults” (Bond, 2005). An online article about Rick Ross at the Religious Freedom Watch site offers an unbiased view on Ross’ activities, background and his “Institute.”

 Massachusetts AG office sent a letter saying “crime is occurring” in response to my phoned-in complaint about Rick Alan Ross at and the Meadow Haven anti-cult counseling center. The AG cites jurisdicational problems for deciding not to go further at this time, but this is still a very significant victory for the rights of free people.

In the video she accuses “RICK ROSS” of unspecified criminal activity.  She also makes claims against people in Australia, Europe and the United States.  According to Matteau Rick Ross “makes his living in legal wrestling matches” and is generally violating people’s “civil rights”.  Matteau reports that she “is making progress” against Rick Ross.

Rick Ross has gone into the hate thread that he lets Brian Birnmingham run and posted that Dave McKay has not committed any crimes. After over 500 pages of relentless criminal accusations! It appears Rick Ross is trying to distance himself from the predatory behavior of his Institute’s members. But he is allowing Brian Birmingham to follow that disclaimer with more dehumanizing posts about McKay, including a posting of lyrics from a rock song, “Psycho Killer“.   If Rick Ross is trying to imitate Pontius Pilate, I think the water in the bowl is too dirty for him to avoid responsibility for that gang.

And how can Rick Ross explain that if indeed his worst accusations against Dave McKay were true, that McKay gets money from the donation of someone else’s kidney?! Wouldn’t there be an investigation of any surgeon or hospital that would co-operate with such a scheme? After all, Rick Ross is actually describing sale of organs, not donation, and third-party involvement, besides: very easily prosecuted as a very major crime if it were true. The Jesus-Christians, after all, are publicly visible in their music videos and missionary documentaries, both before and after any of them have donated an organ. Are we to believe there is no whistle-blowing nurse in such a huge crime as Rick Ross Institute has described in its libelous threads? How outrageously evil can the Birmingham/Ross stalker ring get, now that they have set things up so that no church group dares offer support to people in medical need if the felon Rick A. Ross and his mentally-ill cohorts are not made privy to all the arrangements!


New Dawn #21, Sep/Oct 1993, p11-12

US Deprogrammer On Kidnap Charge, While “Cult Busters” Organise Here

Rick Ross, self-confessed “cult deprogrammer” and ATF advisor in the Waco holocaust has been charged, in the United States, with the 1991 abduction of a Christian teenage boy.

Ross and his accomplices, Mark Workman and Charles Simpson, were charged in July with unlawful imprisonment in the abduction of Jason Scott. If convicted they face a maximum penalty of 5 years in prison. The charges against the three were the most recent in a string of legal actions brought against deprogrammers by U.S. law enforcement officials.
According to police reports, Ross, of Phoenix, Arizona, and his accomplices violently abducted the teenager from the Seattle suburb of Kirkland on January 18, 1991, handcuffed and gagged him and drove him to Ocean Shores and held him prisoner to ‘deprogram’ him from his Church. Scott is involved with the Life Tabernacle Church, a Pentecostal Christian fellowship.
Deprogramming is a form of brainwashing which uses kidnapping, forcible restraint, assault, battery and even rape in an effort to get an individual to recant his or her chosen beliefs.

Several years later, Ross became involved with the notorious Cult Awareness Network (CAN), after a “radical Bible-based group” began operating at the Arizona nursing home where his grandmother lived.

Ross, who freely admits having carried out as many as 300 deprogrammings since 1982, mainly against Christian denominations, is known to charge up to $20,000 for a single kidnapping and “exit counselling” session.


















Above: Jason Goodman drinks from “the slander cup”



To be continued…




Father’s death notice…


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Sojourner Faith Jackson, 34


Sojourner Faith Jackson, 34, of Florence, MA. and formerly of Grafton, MA., passed away Thursday, August 26, 2010. Born in Northhampton, MA., she was the daughter of Denise (Matteau) Jackson of Austin, TX, and Kristinn Jackson and his wife Ann Jackson of North Grafton, MA.

Faith was currently a student at UMass Amherst and was a certified yoga instructor. Visit her facebook link at

Besides her parents, she is survived by her brother, Philip H. Jackson of Leicester, MA., her grandmother Margret Jackson of Ocala, FL., her aunts and uncles, Lawrence and Laura Jackson of Woodville, MA., and Lee and Jeanne Jackson of Ft. Lauderdale, FL. She also leaves behind many cousins.

Visitation will be held on Tuesday, August 31, 2010 from 5-8p.m. at the Chesmore Funeral Home of Hopkinton, 57 Hayden Rowe St. Hopkinton, MA www.Chesmore Burial will be held on Wednesday at 11:00a.m. at Evergreen Cemetery in Hopkinton, MA. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made in her name online at or by mail, Samaritans Inc., 141 Tremont St. 7th Floor, Boston, MA 02111.


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